People say that you can learn a lot about a person from their family, and here at Log Country Cove we absolutely agree. As a family owned and operated business there is something so special about watching families come back year after year to enjoy what we have envisioned since day 1! Never in a million years did we think our own kids would come and work for us after college but here we are 10 years in and it truly is a blessing to work with family.

So what is it that keeps families so grounded and rooted to one another. The traditions, religion or links to our past? The familiar voices that constantly keep us encouraged when we’re going through hard times or the joyous times with family supporting each other at sporting events, choir concerts and dance recitals…the list goes on. In this fast paced world time for family seems to be slipping away more and more. That’s why we LOVE seeing familiar faces every year creating more memories within each other. It is so important that the time spent with family is focused on building deeper roots so the traditions do continue and you can always talk about the past and how God has blessed each of your lives.

To the families who continue to make new memories here at Log Country Cove, we thank you. It is because of you we can have this business and enjoy working with our family. To the guest who come with friends… we know those people are hand picked “family” members and we thank you as well. Keep coming back, keep the traditions alive and always remember to stay rooted in one another



Until Next Time!!