Want to know a Log Country Cove staff secret?? We can tell a persons personality by what color chair they choose to sit in on our waterfront. Crazy right?? We have these fun chairs at our commons area that we call the “rainbow chairs” and each color tells its own story. If you choose the purple chair, you have a calm spirit just like Lake LBJ. Red, you are a daredevil and will definitely try a back flip off of our rope swing. Blue chair means you enjoy being in the lake on a float with your closest family and friends. Yellow, you’re up bright and early hiking our very own, Sarayu Trail. Orange, you’re definitely renting a boat or seadoo sometime during your stay. Pink, you’ll be getting married at our venue, Cedar Skies…we can hear the wedding bell already. Last but not least green…our favorite! Green means you will be coming back to Log Country Cove for years to come! These chairs have gathered many family and friends and we are sure they have some crazy stories and memories with all of our guests. But don’t worry, what happens at the rainbow chairs will always stay at the rainbow chairs! Which chair do you see yourself sitting in?